Air Cargo Vision (ACV) focuses on the air cargo industry. Its editorial includes key stakeholders, logistics partners and other members of its supply chain. ACV is produced by Freight Business Journal, North America, FBJNA.

Air cargo’s speed and reliability remains the pinnacle of today’s supply chain. Boeing reports that air cargo is approximately 1% of total global cargo and represents 35% of the world’s economy. In 2019, global trade was approximately $19 trillion and included over 52 million metric tons of air cargo or the equivalent of $18.6 billion of goods daily.

Airports, one of our major partners, are primarily designed for passenger travel. Air cargo utilizes these gateways for belly and freighter cargo hubs. Although air cargo accounts for less than 20% of airport revenue, air cargo facilitators align their expectations with airport authority master planning. Ground handlers play a key role in transporting airfreight to warehouses and logistics centers. ACV writers extensively cover airport activities and warehouse management.

Passenger airlines build routes on passenger demand. 50% of air cargo is carried in the bellies of passenger aircraft, with the remainder being carried in cargo freighters. Air cargo accounts for 24% to 29% of airline revenue. Airlines depend on GSAs to represent their cargo in a specific country or region. ACV writers represent airline stakeholders through interviews and articles.

Air cargo is part of the global supply chain that relies on a logistics network of partners to perform different functions. Logistics rely heavily on technology. To assist carriers and shippers, IT industries create platforms that generate carrier quotes, status reports and updates. These real-time information services are available on website and mobile platforms. ACV covers the evolving supply chain technology community.

Air cargo customers depend on reliable trucking for final delivery. Freight forwarders, integrated carriers, expedited shippers and cargo airlines use full and LTL loads for ground solutions. The struggles and successes of our trucking partners directly affect air cargo delivery schedules. ACV values and reports on our trucking partners.

The many industries and partners of air cargo are included in ACV’s editorial. Our staff includes an experienced publisher, writers and editors. ACV presents industry insights, executive profiles, news, analysis and feature articles. ACV continues to cover the people and businesses of the air cargo industry.