Challenge Group adds 747 freighter


Challenge Group has acquired an additional Boeing 747-400F aircraft. It offers nose-loading capacity and a 120-tonne payload, and the group anticipates that it will be deployed between Europe and the Far East.

It recently diversified its fleet with the addition of a B767-300BDSF aircraft in August 2023 and is continuing a conversion program. The full fleet of four B767 converted freighters expected to be fully operational by the third quarter of the year.

Chief commercial officer, Or Zak, said the new 747 was “an ideal choice for transporting commodities such as heavy and oversize, horses, pharma, aircraft engines, dangerous goods, cars and other complex verticals and will enhance our capacity and flexibility, allowing us to tap into new markets as well.”

Challenge Group offers air freight industry solutions including handling, air and ground logistics and aviation services. It employs over 1,000 people across three airlines (Challenge Airlines IL in Israel, Challenge Airlines BE in Belgium, Challenge Airlines MT in Malta), a commercial division (Challenge Air Cargo), ground handling and a European road feeder services in Europe.