DHL Aviation opens up in Brazil with ECS


ECS Group’s Brazilian subsidiary, BCS AIR, has signed a year-long contract with DHL Aviation to operate a six-days-a week 767-300F freighter schedule from Sao Paulo’s Viracopos airport via Bogota to Miami, the carrier’s first direct connection in the country.

BCS AIR will also serve as DHL Aviation’s general sales and service agent (GSSA) in Brazil.

BCS AIR’s managing director Brazil, Joao Luiz Ferreira, said: “Despite regular services already being provided by UPS, Avianca and LATAM, this is much-needed capacity that DHL Aviation is bringing into the Brazilian market, and it therefore opens up great development potentials for a wide range of businesses, particularly to Colombia, Central America, the Caribbean, and Florida.”

BCS AIR is recruiting a four-person team for DHL Aviation who will focus on automotive, pharma, high-tech, footwear and express traffic.

ECS Group’s regional VP for Central and South America, Paco Ortega, said the deal “not only confirms DHL Aviation’s faith in our competence, but also establishes DHL Aviation as one of our main customers in South America. This is definitely a new milestone achievement in our ECS Group strategy of establishing strong GSA leadership in South America and the Caribbean.”

(Picture: Portal da Copa – Portal da Copa, CC BY 3.0 br)


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