ECS Group joins forces with cargo tech firm


GSSA ECS Group’s in-house solution developer, Cargo Digital Factory is to join forces with French software and data-science company, Wiremind Cargo to launch a new CargoTech venture. The new business unit will collaborate to digitalise as many air cargo processes as possible. It will design digital solutions to expand the standard product portfolio, as well as tailor individual products aimed at airlines, handlers, sales agents and freight forwarders and will develop digital products for the benefit of existing ECS Group customers, as well as for other airlines.

Existing Cargo Digital Factory products include the Apollo reporting system, the Pathfinder track and trace solution and the Quantum pricing support system while Wiremind Cargo’s shipment volume evaluation and flight planning system Skypallet will form the basis of CargoTech’s product portfolio.

ECS group chief strategy and digital officer, Cedric Millet, explained: “We believe that whatever can be digitised should not remain manual but are also aware that not everything can be automated. Whatever requires human expertise is covered by our New Abilities portfolio, whereas CargoTech takes care of automating and digitalising routine processes to reduce costs and optimise revenues while fostering innovation.

Wiremind Cargo chief executive Nathanaël de Tarade (pictured) added: “Our intensified collaboration with Cargo Digital Factory will enable us to deliver more quickly on our vision of becoming a leading provider of end-to-end software solutions to the air cargo market. Not only will we be taking SkyPallet to the next level, but we will also be introducing new products to the market that we are developing together.”


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