Etihad adds cool dollies in Abu Dhabi


Etihad Cargo has added cool dollies to its Abu Dhabi tarmac transportation fleet for pharma and perishable shipments. The specialised containers offer a closed, temperature-controlled system to ensure the reliable and seamless transport between aircraft and the cool chain warehouse.

They can be set to between +2 and +25 degrees Celsius, and an in-built alarm system sends alerts if the temperature fluctuates beyond the set parameters. Offering high insulating capacity, a refrigeration cell made with a single-piece fibreglass panel, and reinforced wall, roof and floor panels, as well as providing a more robust temperature-controlled transportation solution, they are also greener with a longer isolation cell life and low-cost maintenance while significantly reducing fuel costs and environmental impact as a result of fewer thermal dispersion points and high thermal insulation and UV reflection properties.

Head of cargo operations and delivery, Thomas Schürmann, said: “Etihad Cargo is committed to the safe, reliable and robust transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo via its IATA CEIV Pharma-certified PharmaLife and IATA CEIV Fresh-certified products. Part of this commitment is ensuring cargo is transported between the aircraft and cool chain facilities as fast as possible and mitigating the risks associated with outdoor and environmental conditions during the cargo’s journey.

“Etihad Cargo and Etihad Airport Services Cargo have partnered to introduce dedicated cool dollies at the carrier’s Abu Dhabi Airport hub to minimise the time that temperature-sensitive cargo is exposed to external factors, such as high temperatures. These specialised containers not only control the temperature but also enable Etihad Cargo to access the data records, providing Etihad Cargo increased visibility of this Critical Control Point to reduce, eliminate and prevent hazards.

Etihad Cargo is bridging the last gap in its global cool chain offering by providing continuity and stability with advanced temperature-controlled solutions during the most critical step of air cargo transportation.”

Etihad Cargo has also introduced dedicated thermal covers and the launch of a cool chain facility at Abu Dhabi Airport in partnership with Etihad Airport Services Cargo and Abu Dhabi Airports.This has doubled cool chain capacity with an additional 50,000 tonnes capacity of cool chain commodities.

It has also refurbished its perishables handling and storage facility and now has a 3,000-square-metre dedicated temperature-controlled warehouse comprising three cool rooms (2-8 degrees Celsius). Etihad Cargo’s enhanced FreshForward centre provides smoother transfers to its FreshForward truck fleet.


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