HACTL keeps dangerous goods under control


Hong Kong handler HACTL has launched a Cool Chain Complex (CCC), the largest at the International Airport and the first to include a dedicated climate-controlled facility for storing dangerous substances.

CCC allows import shipments to be unloaded from aircraft, broken down, and either stored or handed to waiting customers entirely within a temperature-controlled environment. Exports get a similar seamless temperature-controlled transit from warehouse to aircraft.

All additional processes, such as check-weighing and X-ray screening, also take place within the CCC’s controlled environment.

The CCC has been designed to minimise the total time and distance between aircraft and storage, with direct airside access and its own dedicated landside truck docks. There are three temperature zones (15°C, 2-8°C, and -25 to -15°C) and all areas have real-time temperature monitoring and full CCTV coverage. 

The dedicated area for dangerous substances also has three separate temperature zones – the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

Hactl chief executive Wilson Kwong said the facility was “a real game-changer in the handling of temperature-controlled shipments at Hong Kong’s airport. In addition to offering a seamless, constant-climate handling capability, the Cool Chain Complex means Hactl is the first air cargo handler in Hong Kong to offer a dedicated storage area for hazardous substances, with precise temperature control. This will allow dangerous pharmaceuticals and biological shipments to be stored under tightly-regulated thermal conditions and security, achieving total safety and preserving product efficacy.”



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