Iraq first with dnata digital system


Handling company dnata has implemented its ‘OneCargo’ digital processes at Erbil in Iraq, ahead of the advanced tool’s planned global launch.

OneCargo automates key business and operational functions, including safety and quality monitoring, reporting and ULD management, with an integrated, Cloud-based platform. AI-driven tools and analytics provide enhanced visibility of sales and business performance, allowing customers to match real-time demand with available capacity. It also eliminates manual check sheets.

Having launched the system in Iraq, dnata plans to gradually implement OneCargo at stations including Pakistan, Switzerland, UAE, US and Zanzibar. It says that, by 2023, OneCargo will have a user base of over 2,000 staff members at ten stations in six countries.

Divisional senior vice president for airport operations, David Barker, said: “The implementation of OneCargo in Erbil is a major milestone which paves the way for the global launch of this advanced digital solution. In addition to improving operational and commercial performance, OneCargo will help us drive synergies across our international network and ultimately offer more value to our customers.”


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