Lufthansa Cargo joins German federal high-tech program


Lufthansa Cargo has joined the Germany Ministry of Transport’s Digital Test Field Air Cargo coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics. The aim is to increase the efficiency and performance and competitiveness of air cargo in Germany by improving the networking of all the players involved and digitizing processes.

Digitalization or artificial intelligence are important prerequisites for improving performance and also make valuable contributions to climate and environmental protection

Within the project, Lufthansa Cargo is focusing on intensified data exchange between all partners in the transport chain, even beyond the roles that have been typical in the transport process to date.

For example, digital accompanying documents from manufacturers to consignees will be made available to all parties by using IATA’s new, open ONE Record standard in which Lufthansa Cargo had significant input. Likewise, temperature data, position data and photos of the entire transport chain are to be made available in order to identify and solve problems earlier.


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