Prestwick upgrades cargo capabilities


Glasgow Prestwick Airport has invested £2.17 million in new cargo equipment, cold storage solutions with a controlled range of -30°C to +25°C and a Rapiscan X-ray machine with 7.5mm steel penetration.
The Scottish hub, which has no flight restrictions, has taken delivery of its second new high loader, supporting turnaround times of under two hours for a 90-tonne consignment.
“We have one of the fastest turnaround times for air cargo in the UK, no slot requirements, and no restrictions,” says business development director, Nico Le Roux.
Prestwick’s new equipment also includes a heavy duty pushback tractor and 12 new dollies.
Le Roux added: “We offer a cost-effective solution delivered by an experienced team, and our road, rail, and ferry connections make us an excellent choice for e-commerce operations seeking unrestricted services.”