Rally cars rocket across Brazil with new logistics deal


Entertainment and events specialist Rock-it Global has become the new logistics partner of Rally dos Sertões and will transport vehicles, motorbikes, and team equipment for the Americas’ biggest rally until 2026.

Rally dos Sertões is a cross-country off-road competition that has been held in Brazil since 1993 and is named after the Sertão region.

“Rock-it is providing transportation of team equipment, vehicles, and support equipment from any location worldwide to the rally, and back again after the event,” said Rock-it regional manager for motorsports and business development, Alex Amaral. “One of the many challenges of this rally is that it goes through many small towns throughout Brazil with very little infrastructure.

“Rock-it has employees on the ground that can coordinate and manage this and get any equipment needed throughout the entire rally route.

“Rock-it also deals with all requisite documentation including customs clearance and carnets for the teams.”

Rock-it will also use its reputation in motorsports logistics to help Rally dos Sertões grow the event both in terms of participation and global stature.

The Rally’s chief executive, Joaquim Monteiro, added: “It is a pleasure to have Rock-it on board with us. What started more than 30 years ago as a romantic adventure has turned out to be, as the years go by, more and more professional and global.

“Brazilian teams are relying more on world-class material, which puts a high emphasis on logistics and freight.” The 31st edition of the rally is currently underway, with rally cars, motorbikes, and off-road vehicles racing between five Brazilian cities.


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