Rock-it pioneers digital ATA carnet in the US


Rock-it Cargo a Global Critical Logistics (GCL) company, has issued and processed the first US digital ATA Carnet, oreATA Carnet. It was for a time-critical shipment of microphones from New York JFK to London Heathrow Airport.

The microphones were designed by Emmy Award-winning costume designer Perry Meek and were needed for the TPi Awards Ceremony in London on 26 February.

They were hand-carried to the UK by Rock-it and will be returned to the US after the show, celebrates excellence in the live events industry.

Chief operating officer at the US Council for International Business (USCIB), Declan Daly, said: “With the help of our partners, including US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the International Chamber of Commerce World Chamber Federation (ICC WCF), our service providers, and Rock-it Cargo, we’ve taken a crucial and exciting first step to finally bring the ATA Carnet into the 21st century.”

USCIB chose Rock-it Cargo to pilot the eATA Carnet because it is one of the largest ATA Carnet users in the US, moving time-critical freight for the live entertainment and TV and film production industries, which are highly dependent on ATA Carnets to ensure the show goes on.

The ATA Carnet permits the temporary, duty-free, and tax-free import of commercial goods and are essential to the success of live event tours, as they provide the ability to clear Customs in over 100 territories expeditiously and efficiently.

“Like other legacy paper processes, if the ATA Carnet does not modernize and become a digital solution, then touring artists and other traditional ATA Carnet users will no longer experience the positive benefits from using ATA Carnets” said Rock-it Cargo vice president of risk management and business affairs, Amanda Barlow (pictured, left). “We are grateful for the forward-thinking efforts of the ICC WCF, USCIB, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and other ATA Carnet guarantee associations who have created the digital ATA Carnet solution, and for their tireless efforts to achieve the implementation of the eATA Carnet across all accepting Customs administrations.”

Fellow GCL company, Dynamic International processed the UK’s first eATA Carnet at London’s Heathrow Airport in 2022.


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