Swissport adopts next generation Cargospot system


Swissport International is the launch customer for Champ’s Cargospot-neo handling operations and terminal management system. Cargospot-neo incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, helping to boost efficiency by an estimated 30% across the handler’s global network. 

The new platform also provides an API interconnectivity solution, Swissport is already using API technology to connect mobile devices used by its cargo workforce with its warehouse databases. Cargospot-neo will take this data exchange a step further, allowing for a data flow between internal devices and direct sharing of information with airlines, forwarders and others.

A new task manager module will also allow it to dynamically assign tasks such as shipment build-up, truck loading and special cargo checks to workers’ handheld devices. A new customer portal module will infacilitate smooth slot scheduling and provide invoice access.


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