Tech firm Pledge to highlight logistics emissions at COP28


Climate tech firm Pledge and non-profit group Smart Freight Center are to host a round at the COP28 summit in Dubai on 6 December to bring together carriers, forwarders, and shippers to share best practices and exchange ideas to meet net-zero targets.

It will also highlight innovative solutions, technologies, and methodologies, such as Smart Freight Centre’s GLEC Framework and ISO Standard 14083, which can help the industry to meet net-zero targets.

Smart Freight Centre focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation and is promoting accredited emissions reporting with its GLEC Framework and ISO Standard 14083.

Pledge co-founder and chief executive David de Picciotto said: “The OECD has predicted that global logistics emissions are set to increase 42% by 2050 – the same year the Paris Agreement has tasked the EU to achieve net zero carbon. If we’re going to meet this challenging goal, the industry needs to come together and collaborate.”


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