Tech to keep track of ULDs


Etihad Cargo is using Descartes’ Bluetooth Low Energy solution, integrated with Jettainer’s unit load device (ULD) management services, to improve ground processes and to gain insights into the transport and ambient conditions of air cargo in transit.

The carrier expects to reduce the number of lost ULDs and  tell exactly where they were last seen. It also expects to simplify ground processes, for example, by reducing the time and effort spent on stock take.”

Descartes’ ULD tracking uses Bluetooth tags fixed to containers or pallets, mobile applications and mesh networks to automate end-to-end tracking of assets. Tags also give easy access to real-time location information, shipment-level condition data, such as temperature, light, humidity and movement, and chain of custody detail. Tags can also be added to any ground service equipment, like dollies, for full control over equipment.


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