Cargo iQ launches air trucking pilot


The Cargo iQ airfreight organisation has initiated a pilot study to enhance visibility in airfreight trucking with Emirates Airlines, logistics operator  Jan de Rijk and software company CargoHub.

It will test new Cargo iQ road feeder services specifications, ensuring that message standards work in practice.

CargoHub is providing the collaborative decision making platform, which provides information on truck movements to handling agents and airlines and provides capacity and cargo availability information to trucking companies. 

The partners are currently performing various air cargo shipment scenarios with live shipments, while a second pilot will include additional participants.

Cargo iQ executive director, Lothar Moehle, said: “Ultimately, the RFS specification will be integrated into the Cargo iQ Master Operating Plan and the potential IT service solutions will be standardized to fit the Cargo iQ requirements, allowing members to choose one of the potential providers.”


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