Delta Cargo approves ‘Mini Opticooler’


Delta Cargo has given technical approval for DoKaSch Temperature Solutions’ Opticooler RKN container.  The Atlanta-based carrier has been using DoKaSch´s RAP container since 2020 but the addition of the Opticooler RKN offers a solution for more compact temperature-controlled pharma freight.

Delta Cargo operates a global pharma network of 46 approved stations, with recent expansions including Chicago (ORD), Philadelphia (PHL) and Raleigh (RDU). It was the first US passenger airline to receive IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) Pharma Logistics Certification, and all Pharma stations adhere to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards.

The airline’s managing director of global sales and product development, Alison Ricker, said: “The integration of the Opticooler RKN into our fleet represents our ongoing commitment to serving the complex needs of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We continue to invest in our facilities, operations and staff, steadfastly upholding the most rigorous industry standards. Our commitment ensures customers have ample choices and world-class reliability for their pharmaceutical shipments.”

Managing director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, Andreas Seitz, added: “Our collaboration with Delta Cargo, a key player in the US market, highlights the reliability and quality of our Opticooler® RKN. This partnership not only expands our presence in the USA but also strengthens our global network.”

The German-based container maker says that its partnership with Delta Cargo is particularly significant as the US pharmaceutical market is a major component of the global industry. The sector is witnessing substantial growth, especially in the field of biosimilars, and is continually developing new products, creating an escalating need for specialized, temperature-controlled logistics solutions.

The Opticooler, available in RKN and RAP versions, are electrically powered, fully air-conditioned units that can maintain precise temperatures without relying on dry ice and are equipped with batteries for continuous operation.


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