DHL green tech is music to the ears for Music of the Spheres


DHL has teamed up with Coldplay as the official logistics partner Music Of The Spheres world tour – with a remit to minimise its carbon and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50%.

DHL’s GoGreen Plus Service offers including use of advanced biofuels for ocean and air freight along with an extensive fleet of electric vehicles and trucks fueled with Bio-LNG liquified natural gas made from organic waste.

T rest of the supply chain is made climate neutral by full lifecycle emission compensation.

As for the shows themselves, every one will be powered by a mix of renewable energy (such as wind and solar energy) and certified renewable biodiesel. The band even harness fan energy through state-of-the-art kinetic floors and power bikes.

The band has also pledged to plant a tree for every ticket sold and to draw down significantly more COthan the tour produces through investment in a diverse range of carbon offsetting initiatives.

DHL and Coldplay’s shared hope is that the Music Of The Spheres Tour will provide lessons and best practices for other artists to build on and push the live music industry towards an ultra-low-carbon and sustainable future.


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