ECS restarts Niger flight


ECS Group has reinstated its B747 Niger Air Cargo service the sole, direct full-freighter connection from Europe. The service had been suspended following the military coup in the west African country. It offers 150 tonnes of cargo capacity per month from Liège, Belgium to Niger’s main cargo hub, Niamey International Airport, offering a link  to neighbouring Nigeria and Mali.

During the pandemic, Niger Air Cargo’s leased B747 was instrumental in ensuring that medical and relief goods could be brought into the country. The airline also provided temporary cargo import solutions during the recent difficult circumstances.

ECS Group chairman Adrien Thominet, said: “Demand to Niger is quickly recovering to previous year levels and looks equally promising as we head into the new year. Thanks go to our Niger Air Cargo team which continues to prove its resilience and flexibility in the face of unpredictable challenges.”


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