Envirotainer gears up to move a billion doses a year


Active airfreight container firm Envirotainer has expanded its production site in Rosersberg, just north of Stockholm in response to high demand for temperature-controlled units to transport medicines. This year alone, the business will add annual shipping capacity for around 200 million more doses and by the end of 2022 will be capable of shipping over one billion vials per year.

The company says that the site is the largest in the world, able to build more units each year than any other and has been designed for further expansion. The Envirotainer fleet covers more than 2,000 pharmaceutical trade lanes in over 100 countries and 300 airports.

Envirotainer describes its new Releye RAP and RLP models as the largest and most advanced of their type on the market and help companies meet the strictest requirements for pharma air freight

Head of quality control and production manager, Sofie Nordhamren, said: “The demand for our services has been sky-high since the start of the pandemic. The need to safely transport pharmaceuticals while minimising wasted space in precious air cargo has increased dramatically.

“The added capacity will help our customers be more efficient, sustainable, and reduce the likelihood of a temperature deviation to virtually zero. This nearly eliminates the likelihood of valuable product loss.”


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