Hermes launches online learning platform


Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has launched a Learning Management system (LMS), digital, self-service, educational tool for cargo processes.  

All training content, in the form of structured courses, FAQs, instructional videos, and guides, is hosted on one centralised hub for use by HLT customers and employees.  

Users can undertake regular training and maintain a consistent level of knowledge.

HLT chief executive, Yuval Baruch, said: “The LMS will lead to more knowledgeable staff, faster and improved onboarding, and more efficient software implementations, which makes it so valuable. To utilise the vast advantages and innovations offered by digitalisation, we must work towards a greater standard of digital proficiency than currently exists.”

The LMS also offers a customisable catalogue of courses covering all areas of the business; such as how to accept an air waybill, an introduction to dangerous goods, and ULD set-up, to and product-specific content.

HLT says that a significant number of customers are interested in using the LMS to train their staff and support upgrades or implementations.

Chief information security officer and project and applications manager, Groundforce Portugal, Mário Rosa, said: “The Hermes LMS represents the most efficient, cost-effective method of training we have used so far. The LMS has been easy to use and has provided our staff access to all the information they may need when using our Hermes technology, saving us time, effort, and money whilst ensuring our staff are the most knowledgeable they can be.”

Pictured: Hermes chief executive Yuval Baruch with global sales director, Stuart Piper