Modernise or die, Raft founder tells US customers brokers


Artificial intelligence (AI) is essential to making US customs brokerage more efficient and transparent, founder of the Raft intelligent logistics platform Nisarg Mehta told the Northern Border Customs Brokers Association (NBCBA) Fall Conference.

Brokers needed to shift from manual data entry to AI-driven solutions that automate the work and help them identify discrepancies in a timely way, Mehta remarked, adding: “Harnessing AI is not just about automation; it’s about elevating our ability to ensure compliance, bolster security, and refine customer service.”

Such a shift is embodied by new plans announced by the US Customs Border Protection is in fact re-engineering its customs system in just such a way, he continued.

The Automated Commercial Environment ACE 2.0 platform promises to re-imagine the international exchange of trade data, positioning the U.S. at the forefront of global customs modernization.

“By using AI and machine learning to quickly analyze and understand various customs documents, from certificates of origin to commercial invoices and packing lists, we not only enhance data quality and unearth real-time insights in a cost-effective manner but also ensure greater accuracy and operational agility as goods journey to the US border,” Mehta elaborated.

AI and digitalization will steer the industry towards modernization, ensuring better outcomes and underlining the importance of interoperable software solutions in this transformation.

(Pictured: Raft founder Nisarg with Megan Montgomery, executive vice president, National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America; Lionel van der Walt, chief growth officer, Raft; Karen Damon, president, NBCBA; and JD Gonzalez, President, NCBFAA.)


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