Monster freight for IAG Cargo


As one of the world’s leading carriers of livestock, IAG Cargo has carried some interesting creatures over the years but surely none as impressive as the Patagotitan Mayorum ‘titanosaur’. This, the largest known land animal ever,  roamed what is now Patagonia in Argentina, around 100 million years ago, weighing an estimated 69 tonnes and measuring 37 metres (121ft) long.

Knowledgeable FBJ readers will realise that this is actually longer than most commercial aircraft – it actually about the same length overall as an Airbus A320.

In fact, what IAG Cargo actually flew from Buenos Aires to London was a plaster cast of a complete Patagotitan Mayorum skeleton,in the bellyhold of two British Airways B787-9 passenger aircraft.

The cast is destined to go on display at the Natural History Museum’s exhibition Titanosaur: Life as the biggest dinosaur, for whichIAG Cargo is the official logistics partner. It will be the first time the magnificent titanosaur will be displayed in Europe.


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