Pallet-building tech to optimise Etihad cargo flights


Air services company Dnata has partnered with logistics technology solutions provider Speedcargo to deliver services to Etihad Cargo at Singapore Changi Airport.

Following successful trials, Speedcargo’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based Cargo Eye and Assemble solutions installed at Dnata’s facilities will help optimise cargo capacity for the carrier’s daily flights from Singapore.

Cargo Eye uses advanced, vision-based 3D technology to scan and capture exact cargo dimensions, volume data, images, and labels. This information is then fed into Assemble which creates a digital plan, advising Dnata’s cargo handling teams of the optimal method of building a pallet. Charles Galloway, dnata’s regional chief executive, airport operations – Asia Pacific, said: “Working alongside Speedcargo, Cargo Eye and Assemble will enable us to provide Etihad Cargo and its customers with digital audit trails of how their cargo has been handled, improving efficiency and providing a quality end-to-end service.”