Start-up to be first Navis conversion customer


Avensis Aviation says that new German carrier USC will be the launch customer for its Navis PTF main deck cargo door conversion for Airbus A340-300 and A340-600 aircraft.

USC will start service early this summer with a fleet of A340-300s and A340-600s. The aircraft will be initially be used in passenger (ACMI) service, but will be modified at the earliest opportunity to Avensis’ full size Cargo door.

Avensis says its Navis PTF conversion introduces an industry first plug-type main deck cargo door and features a separated crew cabin section, a 9G rigid cargo barrier, a full Class E cargo compartment and a main deck cargo loading system (CLS). The conversion offers reduced downtime,  and a more flexible, faster and cost-effective operational performance, it adds.

Avensis chief executive Cristian Sutter, said: “Navis is our flagship PTF conversion and it is aimed at lessors and established cargo airlines that demand a permanent, innovative and cost-effective PTF solution. The innovative plug type main deck cargo door is fully electrically operated, lightweight, and safer due to its locking mechanism design. The Airbus A340 provides a competitive aircraft freighter platform for the express market by offering payload, volume and performance advantages, particularly for ultra-long-haul routes such as Asia and other far flown cargo hubs.”


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