Awery launches onboard courier app


Awery Aviation Software (Awery) has launched an onboard courier (OBC) quoting, booking, and tracking platform, supported by a mobile app for couriers. It gives OBC providers a centralised system to automate quotes, book couriers, track shipments, and send invoices.

 A lack of visibility and real-time updates on such shipments are causing unnecessary delays and uncertainty for customers, said Awery chief executive, Vitaly Smilianets (pictured, right, with customer success officer, Phaedra den Hertog). He explained:  “Our OBC platform helps close this communication gap by automating tracking with customisable milestones – stakeholders receive shipment location updates by email following each completed milestone, which are signed off by couriers through a mobile app.

“The app also enables couriers to instantly update their availability and pinpoints their live location to the closest airport, allowing users to track shipments in real-time.”

A QR code can be shared with stakeholders involved in the last-mile delivery process, enabling them to update shippers and consignees.


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