DHL starts work on new Munich hub


DHL Express Germany has broken ground on its new Munich Airport facility. The building will boast a gross floor area of over 11,000sq m, almost seven times larger than the warehouse DHL Express currently rents at Munich Airport’s cargo centre.

The €104 million investment is in response to growing DHL Express shipment volumes at Munich.

Managing director DHL Express Germany, Markus Reckling explains: “our old processing area can’t keep pace with the growth in import and export volumes given current digitalization and globalization trends. The new gateway facility at Munich Airport not only represents the next important step in our infrastructure plan but also enables us to prioritize our customers by offering them an improved service.”

Once operational, the airside access allows aircraft parked on the apron to be reached directly from the new building. The gateway also has pick-up and delivery fingers than can handle up to 65 delivery vehicles simultaneously. For customers in the Landsberg-Ingolstadt region in particular, this will translate into faster pick-up and delivery times.


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